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How to Get Started

Youth Architects policies are intentionally designed to build a partnership with youth and their families while creating an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Fees may be paid at the time of service or you may choose to be billed monthly. We accept payment by credit card, check (made out to Youth Architects) or cash.

Coaching - Coaching fees are set by individual coaches and will be discussed at your first session.

Tutoring - The initial meeting between parents, the student and our YA Academic Coach will be billed at $85 per hour. Tutoring at the Youth Architects office or a central public location is $50 per hour. Tutoring-on-the-go, at your home or another requested location, is $60 per hourr.

Programs - Program registration should be done online. Your youth's spot will only be reserved once full payment is received.

Consulting - Consulting fees are determined by each consultant and will be disclosed as part of the consulting agreement.

We strive to produce a mutually respectful environment where everyone's time is valued.

Coaching - 24-hour notice is requested to cancel or change a coaching appointment. YA Coaches will give you the same curtesy of a 24-hour notice if they need to change your appointment time.

Tutoring - We request that as much notice as possible be given if rescheduling is needed. The first time a youth cancels with less than 8 hours notice, there will not be a fee. Anytime after that when a youth cancels with less than    8 hours notice (barring extenuating circumstances) they will be charged for the session. YA Tutors are held to the same standard of notification. If there is more than one short time cancellation, your next tutoring session is free.  An unique feature of YA is that we have several tutors who can substitute for each other if youth don’t want to reschedule a session due to their tutor's schedule.

Programs - Youth Architects requests one week's notice to withdraw from a program. If we receive at least one week's notice, all fees paid, minus a $35 registration fee, will be refunded. Cancellations with less than one week's notice will not receive a refund.