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It is Time to register for the 2018/2019 CSD Program

Put all of the skills learned through Columbia Social Dance to practice next year as part of CSD-Dance Club!
 Columbia Social Dance will host eight monthly events (August 2018-March 2019) for seventh and eighth grade students. 
CSD Dance Club offers students from different schools the opportunity to interact in a fun and safe atmosphere.
CSD Dance Club 2018/2019 Events
                                                                     August 25th                    Back To School Blast
                                                                     September 22nd            Touchdown Throw Down
                                                                     October 20th                  Country Ho Down
                                                                     November 11th              Digital Manners Matter
                                                                     December 20th              Family Holiday Dance
                                                                     January 13th                   Party in Someone’s Home
                                                                     February 9th                  Toga-Rave
                                                                     March 8th                       Spring Fling/Decade Dance-Off
CSD Dance Club Fee: $250
 Register by May 9th, 2018 for $200!

Year One (January - May of Sixth grade)
Year One is a manners and ballroom dance class for sixth graders that is meant to introduce skills and build confidence in young people. The first year class for sixth graders is divided into two parts: manners and dance. The manners component takes place on three consecutive Wednesdays in January. It culminates in a two-hour seated teaching dinner on one of the last Sundays in January. The second part of the class will reinforce the manners taught while teaching contemporary ballroom dance. This dance component will be held approximately twice a month starting in February. There is a Spring Fling Semi-Formal Dance for the students in April. The program concludes with a Semi-Formal Dance in the middle of May. Parents will be invited to this final event to see the culmination of all of their child’s hard work.

Columbia Social Dance History

In spring of 2013 Elliott Epps and a group of parents met about the possibility of creating a manners and ballroom dancing class for middle schoolers.  Participants at that attended similar programs in Charleston, Orangeburg, Greenville, Aiken, and Mrs. Sloan’s Ballroom class.  That group did a brainstorm of their favorite aspects of respective programs and favorite memories.  Elliott Epps took these suggestions and combined it with his own experience as part of Social Inc. ( to form Columbia Social Dance.  It started with 42 in the pilot year of 2013-2014, grew to a total of 100 in 2014-2015, 225 for the 2015-2016 year, and 245 for the 2016-2017 year. 

What makes Columbia Social Dance Unique?

Its Calendar: The fall is one of the busiest times for young people and their families and especially for 6th graders who are adjusting to middle school.  Columbia Social Dance first year program begins in January and ends in May.

Combining Manners and Dance:  The first and second year programs have both manners and dance components built in.  Traditionally January is focused on Manners and February- May on Dance.  However all of the Manners lessons are reinforced in the dance classes. 

Dance Assistants:  Columbia Dance assistants are University of South Carolina students who are great role models and relatable to the young people.  I like to say they bring the SWAG to the program.

Dress:  Gentlemen are asked to wear a sports coat, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes each practice and young ladies wear appropriate dresses, dress shoes and white gloves.  The children take pride in themselves and their effort when they dress nice.

Contemporary Factor: In addition to contemporary ball room dances we teach contemporary dances so the children will be confident when they attend their own school and community dances. 

Fun:  It is very important for the children to learn new skills and important life lessons but this does not mean that it can’t be fun in the process.  It is out goal that they have fun and want to come back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches the class?  David McLeod, who teaches over 2000 children each year in Aiken and Augusta has led the manners component for the last three years.  Elliott Epps and the dance assistants who are college students from the University of South Carolina teach the dance component. 

Why partners and how does that work?  Partners are used as first an organizational tool.  Our dance classes are only one hour long and already having the children divided up is helpful to getting right to work.  Next having partners helps with even distribution for boys and girls in each class.  Although not everyone is at each class it helps not having a disproportionately distribution of boys or girls in any class.  Next although we switch partners in each class it actually helps with learning as the same partner at least at the beginning of learning a new dance allows consistency in order to learn. 

How to get partners? First it important to know that partners are not meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend or any romantic relationship.  Partners are a teaching technique.  Parents should work with other parents to determine who is partnering the children with each other.  Again, determining a partner is a parent-to-parent activity and arrangement not a child-to-child discussion or child decision. 

How does Columbia Social Dance communicate?  Exclusively by email.  All notices and reminders about classes and events are sent by email. 

Is Columbia Social Dance for certain schools or groups?  No, Columbia Social Dance is open to all.  Although I am a private school parent, I am proud that the majority of the kids in the program are from Public Schools.  I hope that Columbia Social Dance is a place that brings all of the kids from the different schools together.   

How to register:
Registration steps
  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on Columbia Social Dance
  3. Click on the Register Tab
  4. Fill in Information
  5. Choose whether you are registering with a designated partner or not.
  6. If so, confer with them prior to registration to enter the same preferences as you rank your class dates and times.
  7. If you choose to register without a designated partner then rank your class preferences. We will use those class preferences to pair you with someone at the same time. Additionally, we will pair your child with someone from the same school when possible.
  8. Pay nonrefundable deposit.
  9. You will receive an email letting you know when your registration is complete. (Registration is not complete until you have paid)

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